Your Favorite Pickle Better *Not* Be A Gherkin Ft. Jared Freid


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Aleen is back with the one and only, Jared Freid! Jared starts us off by going on a rant about why it’s time to fix the free breadbasket issues in this country, like why is there never enough bread for the table? Next, Jared asks Aleen about the meals she had while in LA and which food is or isn’t appropriate to eat poolside. (No penne alla vodka, pls.) Aleen gets Jared to tell her about a delicious pasta he had recently and he shares his rebrand of the dish. Jared goes on to tell us about a recent trip he took with his parents and how it was impossible to turn off all the diet/weight loss talk happening around him. Later, they have a convo about pickles (half sour > gherkins). Then Jared fills Aleen in on #HummusGate and the events that transpired in his DMs following a memorable meal.

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