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Thank you for listening to this Ask Like a Designer episode of the Design Thinking 101 Podcast.

In these short Ask Like a Designer episodes on the Design Thinking 101 podcast, you’ll find new ways to explore the show’s stories and ideas about design-driven innovation. I'll share methods, templates, and ideas that have worked in my practice in teaching.

This episode is about six people: six designers whose different roles and favorite questions drive how I serve clients, teach, and develop as a designer.

This episode is based on this article: ALD 001 // Ask Like a Designer. Read the article and others like it on Fluid Hive’s Ask Like a Designer.

What did you think of this episode? Please send your questions, suggestions, and guest ideas to Dawan and the Fluid Hive team.

Cheers ~ DawanDesign Thinking 101 Podcast HostPresident, Fluid Hive

Show Highlights

[00:32] What is the Ask Like a Designer series?[01:08] The Six Designers and their purpose.[01:44] Why “ask like a designer?”[02:43] Designer 1: Builder[03:06] Designer 2: Scout[03:39] Designer 3: Tinker[04:19] Designer 4: Facilitator[04:52] Designer 5: Traveler[05:14] Designer 6: Pro[06:01] How to work with the Six Designers[06:05] Free Ask Like a Designer thinking tool for download at Fluid Hive to help you work with the six designers.

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