EP 30: Designing Healthcare Spaces | Abbie Clary


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Abbie Clary supports the growth and development of CannonDesign's global healthcare practice — focusing specifically on market differentiation, business growth and client engagement. Responsible for overseeing more than $2.5 billion in healthcare projects over the last 22 years, Abbie has become an expert at helping organizations rethink their strategies and facility investments to better respond to consumer expectations and achieve new levels of business success. Her passion lies in the realms of academic medicine and translational health sciences — helping institutions break down physical and cultural barriers to push innovation and medical breakthroughs forward. Abbie is all-in on design thinking, cognitive diversity, storytelling, compassion and doing the right thing. Passionate about women’s issues and equality in the profession, Abbie pursues opportunities to encourage diversity in all of its embodiments. Bon and Abbie talk about healthcare architecture, the impact of Covid-19 on the future design of hospitals and improving the patient experience through the built environment.

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