Jacob Glenn of M Genio: How to Scope Innovation Projects


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Because of today’s advanced technology and malleable software, there’s almost no product idea that’s too outlandish to create in some form. While it’s exciting to have seemingly endless possibilities, actually ideating and making truly new, innovative products is a huge undertaking. Add the need to ensure that these products are user-friendly and simple, yet groundbreaking and fresh, and the challenge becomes almost insurmountable.

How do you define the scope of a new product? Who is going to design it? How do you get multiple teams aligned around the same idea for the project’s duration? Who’s the leader when several stakeholders are involved? How do you design with users in mind when users have never seen anything like what you’re proposing?

In this episode, host J Cornelius and guest Jacob Glenn address these questions and more. They illuminate how to take an innovative idea and turn it into a marketable, desirable product.

Topics Include

  • How staying true to your core promise will lead to a more intuitive product
  • Why products demand cross-discipline teams to bring them to fruition
  • How to work well across team lines, and resolve difficulties when they do arise
  • How to take cues from successful products to inform unprecedented ideas

About Jacob Glenn

Jacob Glenn is the Founder and President of M Genio, a boutique software development and consulting firm offering strategy, execution, and support for industry leading companies. They specialize in mobile solutions, Internet of Things, and Salesforce automation.

Throughout his more than two decades of experience, Jacob has maintained a consistent track record of success leading complex engagements focused on strategy, process, and emerging technologies. The projects he spearheads create value at the unique intersection of business and technology.

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