How Shopify Guides Consistent Product Improvements


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About This Episode

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of dropping big, bold, and shocking product changes without a lot of forethought. But, unless you’re Apple or Tesla, this approach to design just isn’t sustainable.

Instead, focus on releasing product enhancements that are measurable, reversible, iterative, even humble. This isn’t a sexy approach, but it will yield a shipping cycle that produces consistent upgrades customers actually care about.

Listen as host J Cornelius and guest Katrina Bautista uncover user research methods and team alignment tactics that enable this dependable shipping schedule.

Topics Include

  • ‘MacGyvering’ research to bring customer desires to light
  • Applying psychology principles to user research questions to reveal truths
  • Using the “Anti-Surprise Law” to safeguard product improvement releases

About Katrina Bautista

Katrina Bautista is a UX Manager with Shopify, one of the world’s top e-commerce platforms. She shapes the way Shopify empowers merchants so they can fully leverage the platform through apps.

Beyond her day-to-day role, Katrina is a self-described noticer of things and never-give-upper. She prides herself on her mastery of making all things simple, clear, elegant, and persuasive.

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