Science Behind Innovation with Yulia Stark


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My special guest is Yulia Stark, a business accelerator, a serial entrepreneur, a flow facilitator, an author and a keynote speaker.

Creativity is key to innovation and Yulia claims that creativity is a state of mind rather than a skill. We talked about flow named by Mihaly Csikszentmihályi, where people focus and involve in an activity that they enjoy, resulting in bringing genuine solutions to challenges. Yulia explained the chemistry behind flow as well as triggers and busters of flow. As we talked about busters, you will also realize that there is no reason to wonder why we can't foster creativity at work or office environment.

She also gave hints on how one can discover her/his flow state and how flow can be attained during team work.

Yulia finally invites listeners to join European Women Association, a safe environment of like-minded women to get inspired and make a change.

European Women Association (EWA) web site:

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