Magic of Qualitative Thinking with Oana Popa Rengle


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My special guest this week is Oana Popa Rengle, a qualitative research expert grounded in psychology & psychotherapy, with 20+ years of hands-on research project experience and 15+ years of business management practice.

We talked about whether the growing inflow of data eliminates the need of research or qualitative research in particular. Certainly data is not what companies need, they need actionable insights which still requires an expert view to combine both quantitative and qualitative information. Oana uses many ways of reaching out consumer's inner world. One source is early memories and significance of metaphores, inevitably we discussed about Clotaire Rapaille's Culture Code. Oana being an avid gamer, she designs board games to be played by clients and consumers during qualitative sessions, resulting in engaging and creative atmosphere for new discoveries. Finally we talked about how she came up with the idea of organizing a series of masterclasses with leading international experts in various fields related to people understanding and insights combined with a cooking experience.

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