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My special guest is Head of High Performance at Vega Factor, Rich Dec.

Rich Dec studied Operations Research and Industrial Engineering at Cornell University. He's heading the high performance practice at Vega Factor. He is a consultant, executive coach, and public speaker.

Vega Factor model divides motivation into direct (intrinsic) and indirect (extrinsic) motives. High performance occurs at high TOMO (total motivation) when play, purpose and potential outweigh emotional pressure, economic pressure and inertia.

Rich explained that companies often focus on tactical performance (how well you stick to your plan) but not much on the adaptive performance (how well you diverge from your plan) and the reasons behind. Actually, every high performer needs both.

He also talked about examples of motivation factors, what is the role of structure and leader on motivation. Rich gave very practical tips on how to run effective meetings, enable trust in teams and even how to motivate your 4th grader to do his homework.

I'd like to thank Rich for his contribution and help our audience to thrive at work and in life

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