From "Why" to "Who" with Thomas Kolster


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My special guest in this episode is Thomas Kolster, a marketing activist & advisor, an international speaker and author of Goodvertising (2012) and The Hero Trap (2020).

When he wrote his first book Goodvertising, sustainability and purpose was emerging in advertising and marketing communication. Simon Sinek's "start with why" inspired many marketers around the world. Since then Thomas believes purpose has evolved. According to BBMG & GlobalScan research 65% of people say they want to buy from purposeful brands but only 26% actually buy them. He's underlining that consumers don't "buy" the world-bettering claims, further it goes, so do the disblief.

Meanwhile we are all after self development yet change is difficult. He claims that the purpose of a brand doesn't help one to move from intention to action. Brands should discover the ways to empower their consumers to achieve their potentials. That's why Thomas recommends to start with "Who", "Who can you help people become?"

He introduces his model "arrow" inspired by psychoterapy and coaching because those two disciplines moves people from intention to action.

We had a very nice chat from Carlsberg to Mars & Venus full of laughter. I hope you'll enjoy it and benefit from his very fresh look at "purpose".
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