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My special guest is Amy Bianca Cohen Dagan, Global Innovation Manager at AB InBev,

Amy graduate law school with honors however she gravitated towards the Israeli start up world. She joined Weissbeerger, a beer-tech company that aimed to revolutionalize draught beer sales through big data.

She moved on to her current role following ABInBev's, the worlds' leading brewer acquisition of Weissbeerger.

Amy is responsible for gaining deep understanding of business challenges across the company value chain, with a focus on Logistics, Retail, Sales & Marketing, and partnering with technology companies to meet these needs.

She summarizes ABInBev's approach to corporate innovation, the way they collaborate with ecosystem and within the company to stay ahead of the curve.

One of the important remarks we made was that innovation should not be seen as a separate topic or function it can only make a difference when it's integrated with core functions.

Amy has a very brief and concise formula for creating value; know yourself, be humble and be open to learn and new opportunities.

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