Applying Behavioral Science and Evolutionary Ideas with Sam Tatam


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My special guest is Sam Tatam Global Principal, Ogilvy Growth & Innovation, Behavioural Science.

Sam is an organisational / industrial psychologist and behavioral scientist who holds 10 years of experience within Ogilvy Group. They organise Nudgestock, in my view Davos for Behavioural Science and that's how I got to know him.

We talked about how Ogilvy benefits from behavioral science in their practice. He notes that BS is still developing and he believes BS can be a different unlocker than the traditional methods in advertising.

Sam's new book Evolutionary Ideas will be on shelves in May this year. He brilliantly explained briefly "how behavioural science and evolutionary psychology can help us solve tomorrow’s challenges, not by divining something the world has never seen, but by borrowing from yesterday’s solutions – often in the most unexpected ways." (from book introduction on Amazon, see link below)

I've already ordered mine that will land in my kindle app on May 10th, looking forward to reading it.

Sam Tatam's Linkedin profile

Link to Sam Tatam's book "Evolutionary Ideas" on Amazon

(01:54) His journey to Behavioral Science (BS)

(05:56) Ogilvy's expertise on BS

(07:32) Use of BS in the agency

(10:55) Did we reach the limits of BS

(14:55) Differences in behaviors among cultures

(19:20) Profiling in BS

(23:37) Can big data replace BS?

(27:49) Is Sam free of cognitive biases?

(29:31) Sam's new book: Evolutionary Ideas

(37:34) Advices for those who are interested in BS

(41:46) We are still at early phase in application of BS in business

(45:16) Sam's formula for creating formula

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