Activating Brand Purpose with Chip Walker


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My special guest is Chip Walker, a brand, business, cultural strategist who has been in planning and strategy roles at some of the Maddison Avenue's legendary advertising agencies such as Wunderman, BBDO, Strawberry Frog, Young&Rubicam.

Chip is now Head of Strategy at Strawberry Frog. Firstly, I asked him about the changes in advertising industry since the day he joined it.

We talked about how people evaluate brand purpose, based on Purpose Power Index that they developed with RepTrak. Further on, we discussed the role of purpose for different stakeholders and most importantly how to integrate it in their practice. Chip co-authored the book "Activate Brand Purpose". He described the "movement thinking" that they use to guide firms and brands on how to activate their purpose and shared cases of SunTrust Bank and Smart car.

(02:05) How Madison Avenue changed; (04:38) Does every company need to have a purpose; (09:00) Role of purpose for customers & employees; (11:20) Difference between brand purpose & value proposition; (13:41) Measuring purpose impact; (18:06) 5P's of Brand Purpose; (23:43) Activate Brand Purpose Book and Movement Thinking Concept; (28:17) SunTrust Bank case; (33:56) Smart case; (36:56) Chip's formula for creating value

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