Deep Club Podcast #53: Omar Martenot


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OMAR MARTENOT a.k.a. Bernadette Techneau (Paris) Omar (@omarmartenot) is a Parisian-born DJ whose musical influences range from gipsy jazz to gabber techno by way of the fantastic Argentinian rock & roll. Discovering electronic music during a beautiful sunrise at Weather festival in Paris 2015, he then traveled from the sunny Croatian coast of Pula to wild Brooklyn, NY after parties, eager for more. His main local music influences are the mixing monster Joren a.k.a. Zaraf, the legendary Péripate venue, Roue Libre, and Microclimat collective's wild parties. Half lobster, half human, Omar is before anything else a sound-fueled animal scouting for musical treasures and weird record sleeves. Bernadette Techneau is his female counterpart whose only goal in life is to play "we don't make prisoners" kind of techno at a NYC Bunker event, Detroit style. This mix is about records crossing an ocean, Omar's deep affection for minimal house, and that subtle moment when night ends and the sun's rays slowly rise, breathing the second wind of the party. Original artwork (painting) by @juliesthorez Tracklist: 01. Ferro - A1. Endresonic [VBX005] 02. Unknown Artist - A2. Untitled [TZU04] 03. AWSI - A1. Broken Space Cake [BVR021] 04. Max (Italy) - A2. Meduza [RELIKT006] 05. Tzena - A1. Finally [LUCKISON003] 06. Nolga - A2. Ventura [PERSPECTIVE001] 07. Fabe - A. IBI [LACLAP004] 08. Zlatnichi - B2. Abbie Pide [MODEIGHT009] 09. Traumer - A. Vinci [GETTRAUM007] 10. Ray Mono - A. First Contact [META003] 11. Chapsenza - B1. Upcoming Stars [RELIKT007] 12. Unknown Artist - A. Untitled [PULPCORN002]

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