Deep Club Podcast #45: Alex Burkat


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ALEX BURKAT (100% Silk, Ancient Puzzle Arts / Philadelphia) Inspired by house, techno, hip hop, dubstep, indie rock, jazz and the rich history and present day music scene of New York City, Alex Burkat (@burkat) brings his own perspective to the decks and draws inspiration from everywhere. His first release EP, Shower Scene, was inspired by a night of dancing at one of the Mister Saturday Night parties, resulting in a release on their record label in March of 2013. Burkat released Tarot the same year, a 12" out now on Los Angeles-based label, 100% Silk, a four track compilation inspired by mysticism and global warming with a house-tinged sound. Since then, he has been busy releasing on such labels as Permanent Vacation, Third Ear Recordings, and the Nite Owl Diner. In addition to crafting fine-tuned electronic sounds, Burkat also runs his own parties series in Philadelphia, Ancient Puzzle Arts. From the artist: This mix was recorded briefly before the chaos of COVID-19. At the time, I was reflecting on some time spent in LA over the last two years, and a particularly incredible time seeing Eris Drew and Octo Octa in Philadelphia at Sanctuary City (shout out Elvin T and everyone involved), and wanted to connect some shared emotional motifs related to those experiences. I had a digital crate of about 100 songs I liked, did a one take jam, and this mix was the result. I personally like the energy of one-take-jam mixes, because I am over analytical about everything in life, so I need the zen of DJing to break from that pattern. Follow Alex Burkat: @burkat Tracklist: 1. Cannon - Spells 2. Cassius - Calliope 3. Peace Division - What's That Sound? (Alex Burkat's No Beef Edit) 4. Pontchartrain - Love Is Madness (Friends & Lovers Dub) 5. Octo Octa - Deep Hurt 6. Alex Burkat - 285 Kent 7. Vozmediano - Wanted 8. Etienne De Crecy - Prix Choc 9. Maxine & Cleo - Proto 10. Stewart Walker, Theorem - Too Distant Images 11. Omar S - Psychotic Photosynthesis 12. Hammer - 99er 13. Butch - Bepsi (wAFF Remix) 14. Marquis Hawkes - The Phoenix Part 2 15. Benjamin Frohlich - Draw From Money (I;Cube Remix) 16. Kelela - Enough 17. The Internet - It Gets Better

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