337: Religious Sonority (Categories of Life)


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Not to be confused with Religious Seniority.

It’s Categories of Life, written by Jane Espensen and aired on August 5, 2011.

0:40: Seth MacFarlane created a lot of other stuff besides Family Guy. Most of it isn’t very good.
29:18: It was in Destiny of the Daleks. Thanks @Prof_Quiteamess and @lisacartman.
31:28: Shockingly, Hillary Duff is still acting in things, they’re just not good things.
32:48: Hillary Clinton also acts in things.
37:50: I guess this is a Hillary Clinton themed episode so here’s what Wikileaks gave us on that topic.
41:54: Who Killed Kennedy?
42:56: The novel Shell Shock indicates hat Peri’s stepfather Howard sexually abused her. But according to the TARDIS wiki, this has been contradicted by other material.
47:05: More on the coffee conundrum here.
52:35: We neglected to mention that the phrase “Great Leap Forward” is also associated with an entirely different totalitarian regime.
1:04:46: According to Wikipedia, Scorpion is ” [l]oosely based on the life of its executive producer and self-proclaimed computer expert Walter O’Brien.” Lol.
1:05:50: You ever check out Fargo, eh?
1:06:11: Rolling Stone reported (in 1988 lol) that in the author’s note to Libra, Don DeLillo wrote that the book was “a work of the imagination” and that “[w]hile drawing from the historical record, [he] made no attempt to furnish factual answers to any questions raised by the assassination” of Kennedy. He said the novel was instead “a way of thinking about the assassination without being constrained by half-facts or overwhelmed by possibilities, by the tide of speculation that widens with the years.”

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