#8: Why Israel is known as the Startup Nation—and how it can help the US (with Antidote Health CEO)


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What you’ll get out of this episode

Listen in as co-host Rebecca Gwilt chats with Antidote Health CEO Avihai Soudri about the startup scene in Israel, his vision for America's first virtual HMO, and a bit about the shift in VC investment in seed stage companies.

And an extra shout to Antidote Health for closing a $12M seed round of funding last week!

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • Why this NY-based company still does so much R&D in Tel Aviv
  • What drove Antidote to create an AI-driven virtual HMO
  • How Antidote wants to help the large uninsured and underinsured populations in the US
  • And a fun final question we don’t want to give away

This lively conversation is one you won’t want to miss if you’re a health system leader, a digital health innovator, a startup founder, or a healthcare tech investor.


“It’s a matter of culture. The Israeli culture is used to some kind of uncertainty level, so people are not afraid of taking big steps.” Ep8 of @DecodingHealth1 w/ @NixonGwiltLaw https://sliceofhealthcare.com/category/decoding-healthcare-innovation/

“In Israel we have a good example of effective health services. We have the blueprint to allow most people to achieve affordable healthcare.” Ep8 @DecodingHealth1 @NixonGwiltLaw https://sliceofhealthcare.com/category/decoding-healthcare-innovation/

“In the US there are two parts: the insurer and the healthcare provider. By combining those two we are creating an alignment of interests.” Ep8 @DecodingHealth1 @NixonGwiltLaw https://sliceofhealthcare.com/category/decoding-healthcare-innovation/

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Carrie Nixon and Rebecca Gwilt are partners at Nixon Gwilt Law, a healthcare innovation law firm exclusively serving Providers, Digital Health Companies, and Life Science Businesses seeking to transform the way we receive and experience healthcare. Find out more at NixonGwiltLaw.com.

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