Dead Ringers OT - Fantastic Fest 2019: Days 1 & 2 Recap


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On this Off-Topic episode, Nolan is joined by Kat Adams, Paul Farrell, and Emily von Seele live from this year's Fantastic Fest to discuss the movies they saw during their first two days at the country's largest genre movie festival.

Movies discussed on this episode: FIRST LOVE (2019), JOJO RABBIT (2019), TAMMY AND THE T-REX (1994), THE CLEANSING HOUR (2020), SWEETHEART (2019), THE ANTENNA (2019), THE DEATH OF DICK LONG (2019), THE VAST OF NIGHT (2019), IN THE TALL GRASS (2019), COLOR OUT OF SPACE (2019), HOMEWRECKER (2019).

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