StreamSets: DataOps and Smart Pipelines with Arvind Prabhakar


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The company StreamSets is enabling DataOps practices in today’s enterprises. StreamSets is a data engineering platform designed to help engineers design, deploy, and operate smart data pipelines. StreamSets Data Collector is a codeless solution for designing pipelines, triggering CDC operations, and monitoring data in flight. StreamSets Transformer uses Apache Spark to generate insights about your data across multiple different platforms. Their Control Hub is the single hub for managing all of your data pipelines, data processing jobs, and execution engines.

In this episode we talk to Arvind Prabhakar, CTO at StreamSets. Arvind is also an Official Member of the Forbes Technology Council, and a Member, PMC Chair/Member, Committer, Mentor, and Contributor to multiple projects with the Apache Software Foundation. He was previously a Director of Engineering at Cloudera, and a Software Architect at Informatica before that.

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