Reverse ETL: Operationalizing Data Warehouses with Tejas Manohar


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Enterprise data warehouses store all company data in a single place to be accessed, queried, and analyzed. They’re essential for business operations because they support managing data from multiple sources, providing context, and have built-in analytics tools. While keeping a single source of truth is important, easily moving data from the warehouse to other applications is invaluable.

The company Hightouch provides tools that easily move data from your warehouse to important business tools like Salesforce, Apache Airflow, Tableau and more. Hightouch uses SQL to move and transform your data and tracks every row to avoid moving data that hasn’t changed. Failed rows are retried, and all changes to rows are logged.

In this episode, we talk to Tejas Manohar, Founder of Hightouch. We talk about reverse ETL, managing data across multiple systems, and how Hightouch helps companies operationalize their data warehouse.

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