New Relic: Telemetry and Intelligent Observability with Zain Asgar and Ishan Mukherjee


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In software engineering, telemetry is the data that is collected about your applications. Unlike logging, which is used in the development of apps to pinpoint errors and code flows, telemetry data includes all operational data including logs, metrics, events, traces, usage, and other analytical data. Companies usually visualize this information to troubleshoot problems and understand patterns and opportunities in how their applications are used.

The company New Relic is a modern observability platform built to optimize your entire software stack from one place. New Relic includes a Telemetry Data Platform that acts as a single source of truth for telemetry data. Built on top of that are tools for full stack observability to visualize and troubleshoot your data in milliseconds. When a problem does occur, New Relic’s applied intelligence will detect and understand the problem to help resolve it faster.

In this episode we talk with Zain Asgar and Ishan Mukherjee. Zain is currently the GVP/GM – Pixie at New Relic, through the acquisition of Pixie Labs Inc where he was the co-founder and CEO. Ishan leads GTM for all New Relic products and is a co-founder and CPO of Pixie. We discuss big data, application observability, and how New Relic provides data observability and intelligence in one platform.

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