Druid: Event-Driven Data with Eric Tschetter


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Whether sending messages, shopping in an app, or watching videos, modern consumers expect information and responsiveness to be near-instant in their apps and devices. From a developer’s perspective, this means clean code and a fast database.

Apache Druid is a database built to power real-time analytic workloads for event-driven data, like user-facing applications, streaming, and anything else that requires instant data visibility. Druid offers lower latency for OLAP-style queries, time-based partitioning, fast search and filter, and out-of-the-box integration with Apache Kafka, AWS Kinesis, HDFS, AWS S3, and more (Druid.apache.org).

In this episode we talk with Eric Tschetter, Field CTO at Imply, Fellow at Splunk, and experience developing large swaths of backend infrastructure largely focusing on Druid. We discuss the use cases and power of Apache Druid.

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