8. GDPR, the new European AI regulation, and the privacy landscape: Axel von dem Bussche data lawyer from Taylor Wessing


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We talked to one of Europe's most renowned GDPR and data experts, who shared his insights about the regulatory landscape in Europe and elsewhere and gave excellent advice for lawmakers and companies.

In this episode, you will hear more about:

  • recent regulatory developments, including Schrems II, GDPR, and the new AI-regulation proposal from the European Court of Justice
  • why regulation is necessary and timely for AI
  • what companies should do in light of these recent developments
  • how, according to Axel's prediction, we'll end up with 20 GDPR-like laws
  • how to make regulation less complex and easier to comply with
  • how to develop a successful data strategy and to turn data privacy into a competitive edge through know-how, proactivity, and risk assessments
  • why 95% of data transfers became illegal after Schrems II and that companies need to map all of their cross-border data transfers to comply with regulations
  • how synthetic data can help, since it's exempt from GDPR and Schrems II

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