10. Data ethics best practices from Nicolas Passadelis, Head of Data Governance at Swisscom


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Nicolas Passadelis is a lawyer and privacy expert who has been leading the Data Governance team at Swisscom for over four years. In this episode of the Data Democratization Podcast, Nicolas shares his best practices of data governance and provides real-life examples of how Swisscom's data ethics board works. The episode contains an amazing collection of actionable takeaways and great answers to the big questions of data governance. For example, how to implement data governance in an enterprise setting successfully? How to automate and scale compliance? How to self-assess your data protection practices? What is data ethics? How to create a data ethics framework? How to create a data ethics board? What are the six ethics principles for assessment at Swisscom? Listen to the episode and reach out to us with your own solutions to these questions by sending a voice recording to podcast@mostly.ai!
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