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Happy Tuesday! This week's guest is Misha of LA's own SadGirl. We talk about seizing the means of production, taking your career into your own hands, and share some tour stories! This is an educational episode from two, now, longtimers in the game. Enjoy the ride and hold on!

Dante Elephante is also back on TOUR! Tickets on sale now:

Fri. July 30th at The Empty Bottle in Chicago opening for Hinds's Lollapalooza aftershow

Sat. July 31st Merchant St. MusicFest in Kankakee, IL

Fri. August 27th at Big B's in Colorado

Sat. August 28th at UMS in Denver, CO

Sun. August 29th at Fort Collins Museum Thurs.

October 14th at Cornerstone in Berkeley

Fri. October 15th at The Atrium in Santa Cruz

Sat. October 16th at The Starlet Room in Sacramento

Tues. October 26th at Valley Bar in Phoenix

Thurs. October 28th at Casbah in San Diego

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