Is Dave Chappelle gaming the Grammy Nomination system by releasing vinyl?


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One of my pet peeves are the "albums" that get nominated for Grammys. Dave Chappelle is releasing 846 copies of 8:46 on vinyl which I guess technically makes it an "album" but I know an album when I see one and this is a video special.
Conan O'Brien announces the final two weeks of guests with one mystery guest - is it Barack Obama?
Mike Myers has a new Netflix show that stars Ken Jeong (you know COMMUNITY's Chang) and Mac-Packer Keegan Michael Key.
Johnny Mac's booty is wet, find out why,
Bo Burnham has released songs from HIS Netflix special as an album today.
Kevin Hart has yet ANOTHER gig.
Katt Williams on cancel culture...and it's not what you think he might say.
One of the nice things about being your own boss is you can do your podcast poolside without some suit telling you it's a bad idea and doesn't sound good.
Christina P had to cancel 6 weeks worth of tour dates.

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