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An excellent Kickstarter page is vital if you want to get fully funded! That page is where you convert an interested stranger into a supporting backer.

If you don’t have a formula in place, it will be difficult!

In this Crowdfunding Demystified episode, you’ll hear Salvador Briggman talk to Chris, who was able to fund his many ideas, totaling a mind-blowing 22 successful Kickstarter projects!

Crazy, right? The best part is that Chris will tell you all about his secrets to marketing them, including his latest project “The Oracle Story Generator,” a tool for game masters and storytellers to create thrilling adventures.

You’ll also learn his strategy for getting returning backers for every new project he starts and much more.

Listening to this episode is an absolute must if you’re a creative person with many ideas you want to turn into reality!

So grab a pen and a paper and enjoy the valuable information out there!

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