EP #333 Here's How to Raise $154,795 For a Tech Gadget With Kickstarter


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Have you ever thought that you were on 'Mute' during a virtual conference call, only to discover that you were in fact not? Or the other way around?

Throughout the course of the pandemic, it's happened to most of us -- which can lead to embarrassing results.

Today, we're talking with the creators of MuteMe, The Illuminated Mute Button that solves this new recurring problem that we all face.

The entrepreneur behind this project has some incredible company values, sharing with you awesome tips for what you can aspire to for your own startup.

We also dive into how he went about assembling a driven, successful team that made the campaign wildly successful in raising over $150,000 from almost 3,000 backers!

Hope you enjoy!

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