Dynamic Combat with Monster Roles


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Dynamic Combat with Monster Roles

So you want to design dynamic combat encounters in Dungeons and Dragons? You know, the kind that they will never forget? Well, luckily we’ve got exactly what you need. Today we will delve into giving you exactly the tools you need in a simple and easy-to-use way. Are you ready to learn how to build dynamic combat encounters using monster roles?

There is no arguing the key to designing interesting and varied combat encounters is having just as varied groups of monsters. By further breaking down monsters into roles, we can design even more fantastic and memorable combat encounters.

What are Monster Roles?

Roles is the term we will be using to describe what the particular monster or NPC’s job is during the encounter. While some monsters can fit into multiple categories. We are going to focus on what we think they do best, over what they might do best in a particular encounter.

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