Criminal Justice Evolution Podcast: Microcast Monday: Tell Your Story - It Will Help Others


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Hello everyone and Happy Monday. I hope your day is off to a good start. Remember it's going to be a great day. It's going to be a great week. Law of attraction. What you put out you get in return.

A big thanks to YOU! The criminal justice professional. Remember you are honored, cherished and loved. Keep up the great work and please be safe.

Ever had a questionable ID handed to you? Do you wish there was a way to check that document for its validity? I remember those times as a police officer when I was presented with what appeared to be a suspicious form of identification. I wish I had SureScan during that time. SureScan technology puts the power to ID fake IDs with a 99% accuracy rate in the palm of your hand. Reach out to SureScan today and get a free demo at:

If you are struggling with addiction, mental health challenges, or both please reach out. My life changed for the better when I took that step forward. I am so grateful for FHE Health and The Shatterproof Program for First Responders. Reach out at 844-650-1399 or contact me directly at 303-960-9819.

We have a story. Stories of success and stories of failure and of despair. It's important that you tell your stories. Tell your stories to people you trust. When I started to tell my story of despair and depression something magical happened. I started to feel better, and I started to help people.

Remember your story no matter how bad it is, is probably the instruction manual for something else.

Go out and conquer your day and please reach out to me. You can find me at or 303.960.9819

Stay tuned for more great guests on the #1 Criminal Justice Podcast. The CJEvolution Podcast.


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