Episode 9-"Road Trip"


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Welcome Back Creekers! It's our 9th episode! We're back discussing episode 9 of Dawson's Creek titled, "Road Trip."
Join us as we breakdown this very TOXIC episode! There's toxic ex-boyfriends. Toxic Masculinity. Toxic Ice Cream! Toxic Makeup Departments! It's all TOXIC this week!
Billy (Eion Bailey) is back in Capeside-- did he ever really leave?--to get Jen back. Again. Fortunately, she's no longer too "weak and vulnerable" to be manipulated by a piece of trash like Billy. Instead, Billy decides to try to get inside Jen's head by taking Dawson (James Van Der Beek) on a road trip to Providence so Dawson can FINALLY feel the touch of a REAL woman. At least that's what he tells the girls. Pacey (Joshua Jackson) decides to tag along. Well, because he really doesn't have a storyline this week.
Meanwhile, at Capeside High, Joey (Katie Holmes) is having her own man troubles with this week's Guest Star, Warren Gary (Eric Balfour). When Joey pretty much turns down this sorta, kinda, hunk by telling him she'd never sleep with him even if it would mean the end of world hunger, he goes all toxic male on her and tells the whole school they slept together!
Joey would never! Jen (Michelle Williams) decides to ban together with Joey to get back at this creep for trying to ruin Joey's stellar reputation! GIRL POWER!
The episode ends with a tub of Breyer's Cookie Dough "ice cream" surrounded by 100 lit candles in a tiny room filled with wicker furniture. DISGUSTING!
We also discuss the "other" Guest Star of the week, Nina (Melissa McBride) and how the makeup department wasn't doing her ANY favors in this episode. The legal drinking ages across the United States. And finally, when did Wawa stop selling deli meats?? It's a real struggle. IYKYK.
So gas up your convertible, plug in your AUX cord, and put on the NEWEST episode of Creek Talk Podcast because you are in for a LOONG RIDE on life's highway! But before you go, make sure you hand in your Math homework. It's the right thing to do!
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*Music Written & Performed by Justin Michael
*Lyrics Written by Stephen Gavis & Jayme Whitehead

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