Avoid This to Sound Calm and in Control


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When was the last time you heard a phrase like this? "The meeting was a complete train wreck." "Bob is a disaster in front of clients." "I'll never find the right candidate." Really? Did a train literally wreck your meeting? Did Bob turn into a tornado in front of your clients? Will you never find the right candidate for the job? I'm guessing you'll say no and something like... "I didn't mean it that way, Alex; it's just a figure of speech." You're right; I understand you didn't mean it that way, and that you were speaking metaphorically. It may not seem like a big deal to use words like "disaster, train wreck, hot mess, or a sh*& show," but using catastrophic language can leave you sounding negative and anxious.

If you want to sound calm and in control, reducing catastrophic language is a must. So, instead of using words like those above, state the facts instead. -The meeting got off track when we started discussing Q3 goals, so we didn't cover the agenda. -Bob struggled to be clear and concise in front of the clients. -Finding the right candidate has been a challenge. Can you feel the difference between the phrases?

It's your turn; how do you keep your communication calm and in control, even when times are tough?

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