x18: Crittercon 5 Kick-off


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Welcome Starfinders and Crittermanders to Crittercon 5! Join Patrick as he welcomes back to the show Organized Play Managing Developer Linda Zayas-Palmer and Starfinder Society Season Developer Jessica Catalan once more for our key-note Society play discussion. Every wondered if you could jump into Patrhfinder or Starfinder Society play? Well we give you all the tools, advice and encouragement you need to feel confident in playing right now! What better time than now to play some at Crittercon 5, our charity online convention benefitting Doctors Without Borders! Join the discord and the links below to find a game and play this weekend, April 29-May 1st!

Get all the information about Crittercon 5 here.

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Music Credit

Intro music is EPIC SONG by Alpha Brutal and is used with permission.

The sound effects you hear in game are provided by Syrinscape.

Additional music from Purple Planet, Chris Zabriskie from Neptune Flux, Bensound, Kevin MacLeod, Tim Beek, Scott Buckley, Alexander Nakarada, and Max Coltrin.

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