Marketing in a Recession: How to Plan Ahead


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Whether you think it's here already or coming soon, it's important to talk about a core truth. We may be heading into a recession, and it may be here already. That means every business has to prepare to market in a recession.

That’s why the focus of today’s podcast is on Marketing in a Recession: How to Plan Ahead It’s unacceptable to constantly be caught off guard as a business leader today.

You will have to get firmly anchored in how you'll navigate the future. At Marketing Blender, we don't believe in a lot of talk. We get into the actionable piece of what you need to do, which means you need a full context.

So today, we will dive deep into this topic today and discuss:

- Looking ahead to 2023

- Managing the economy

- Finding both sides of the coin

- Checking your mindset

- How to focus on the future

- Why taking a step back is so important

- How recessions can reveal marketing opportunity

- Navigating the unpredictable

- Never panicking

Curious about how to market in a pandemic?

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