Episode 213: Eastern European Cookbooks


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Hello and welcome to another episode of the podcast - today I want to share with you some fun information about four Eastern European cookbooks being released this fall. This is from an article I read in the Wall Street Journal over the weekend. I’ve linked to all of the cookbooks discussed in the show notes below. And remind you that the Pan to Profit Swag Bag offer is still open until October 1st. The swag bag is a digital bundle of courses, workbooks, templates, and pieces of training put together by Jenai over at Pan to Profit to help cooks and bakers learn more about how to turn their love for cooking or baking into a business. To learn more about the swag bag and all the amazing digital products included head on over to the Pan to Profit website link linked below.

Things We Mention In This Episode:

Get in on the Pan to Profit Digital Swag Bag Action

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