Episode 211: Interview with Debut Cookbook Author Maria Provenzano


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Hello and welcome to another episode of the podcast - today I’m excited to have an interview with Maria Provenzano. Maria is a television personality, author, and creator of the lifestyle online destination fromscratchwithmaria.com where Maria curates the best in food, craft, home decor and so much more. Maria’s website is the hub of all her recipes and crafts and where you can learn about upcoming product launches and subscribe to her weekly newsletter. Today on the podcast we talk about Maria’s Italian roots, her love of cookbooks from a very young age, her journey from blogging to cookbook, as well as her experience working with an agent and writing her cookbook as well as Maria’s grandfather’s spaghetti and meatballs - which sound so delicious. Maria drops so many gems that first-time cookbook writers can latch onto and use for their inspiration if they also have a dream of becoming a cookbook author.

From Scratch with Maria

Maria’s cookbook: Everyday Celebrations From Scratch

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