Episode 189: Being a Cookbook Writer: From Independent to Traditional Cookbook Publishing with Craig Fear


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Welcome to this episode of the podcast! If you know me you know I love regional American cookbooks that highlight the unique foods, ingredients, and prepared dishes of states, cities, and regions in the US. Today’s episode with Craig Fear is an example of this! Craig is a food writer, blogger, and cookbook author. He grew up on Long Island and currently resides in western Massachusetts. His travels in southeast Asia kickstarted his love of broth and soup over 20 years ago which led to his first two soup cookbooks, Fearless Broths and Soups, and The Thai Soup Secret. His new cookbook, published in March, New England Soups from the Sea, includes 80 recipes for chowders, bisques, broths, boils, stews, and classic seafood medleys. Today on the podcast we talk about Craig’s journey from self-published to traditionally published cookbook author, his process for “finding a publisher”, and then a deep dive into New England seafood soups with a conversation about chowder and its many variations. To conclude the interview, we discuss a few take-home messages about seafood and Craig’s process for testing seafood recipes which can be expensive and something one might get tired of eating.

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Craig’s website Follow Craig on Instagram @fearlesseating

New England Soups from The Sea

The Provincetown Seafood Cookbook by Howard Mitcham

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