20: Cookbooks that teach you how to cook


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Some cookbooks are just a collection of recipes. That’s great, but how about cookbooks that take you to the next level as a cook, imparting techniques and strategies to make you better at your craft? That’s what we’re talking about. Renee and Sara round up some of our favorites that taught us, and can teach you, some new tricks in the kitchen. Note: For more links, visit this episode's link on our website.

Resources from this episode:

Cookbooks mentioned in this episode:

  • Salt Fat Acid Heat, by Samin Nosrat
  • Small Victories, by Julia Turshen
  • America’s Test Kitchen Family Cookbook
  • America’s Test Kitchen Family Baking Book
  • Thanksgiving: How to Cook it Well, by Sam Sifton
  • The Art of Simple Food, by Alice Waters
  • How to Cook, by Hugh Acheson
  • The Food Lab, by J. Kenji Lopez-Alt
  • On Food and Cooking, by Harold McGee
  • Keys to Good Cooking, by Harold McGee
  • Food IQ, by Daniel Holzman & Matt Rodbard
  • The Gourmet Cookbook, by Ruth Reichl
  • How to Cook Everything: The Basics, by Mark Bittman

Recipes mentioned in this episode:

  • Blueberry pie (America’s Test Kitchen Family Cookbook)
  • Classic apple pie (America’s Test Kitchen Family Cookbook)
  • Apple pie (Thanksgiving: How to Cook it Well)
  • Jennie’s chicken pelau (Small Victories)
  • Best rice pilaf with roasted red cabbage (Small Victories)
  • Beef stew (The Art of Simple Food)
  • Tart and pie dough (The Art of Simple Food)

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