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We've been working on upgrading Mom and Dad's house to use as a home studio, and that work continued this week as well. We've been working a lot on creating art this week. I (John) have been working on a commission, and Bogdan on some new ink work on paper.
Bogdan was also accepted into a group, juried show in Poughkeepsie, New York, at a gallery called The Trolley Barn, and I started the new session of the Art Lab with PRPGMX Gallery in Mexico City with Micheal Swank.
We also visited other artists. Marisol Valencia and Falon Mihalic are local artists that asked Bogdan to take some fine art photographs of their amazing artwork, and Elena Sandovici had a special event at her lovely Houston home for collectors and friends. It's always great to spend time with other artists.
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