Ethan Ashley and Ryan King Interview with Sam Jelleberg


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Welcome! We are Ryan King and Ethan Ashley and we are both seniors majoring in finance at NDSU. On our episode of Consumer Behavior Conversations, we had the opportunity to talk with Sam Jelleberg. Sam is the assistant vice president and a senior financial analyst at Gate City Bank here in Fargo. We discuss how he got started at Gate City and how he got to where he is today. Sam also tells us what a typical day looks like for him and how he deals with the clients who let him manage their money. We get his take on the importance of networking and how it has helped him in his career. Sam also talks about ways he has continued learning after graduating with a bachelor’s degree in banking and financial economics from UND. Finally, we ask Sam if he has any advice for students like us, close to graduation and still somewhat unsure of what we want to do. This project was a great opportunity to meet with a successful community member in a field that are both studying. Some key takeaways we had were the importance of continue to learn after graduating and to keep adding to your resume. Also, we found it interesting how Sam encouraged us to be willing to take some risk on our early jobs because it might just lead to something great and that while we are young is the best time to take those risks. We encourage everyone to give this episode a listen and to subscribe to the podcast’s channel. Thank You!

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