Cloth Talk With Oladipo Aluko And Antoine Jenkins


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Hello today we're going to talk to Antoine Jenkins. Antoine Jenkins is going to give us some key gems of being an entrepreneur and what made him successful today. In this episode he explains the pros and cons of being an entrepreneur, how your mindset can affect your success in a business, and the effects of having a team. Antoine is a 22 year old entrepreneur and is Minnesota number one luxury shoe designer. Ant has made shoes for a lot of well known artists such as Roddy Rich, Lil keed, Lil skies, and the actress Storm Reid from Euphoria. In this episode we’re also going to talk about what motivates him, who he looks up to for inspiration, and what made him want to stop going to school and pursue his dream in shoe designing and taking the art route. Antoine is a hard working kid and doesn't take no for an answer. If Ant sees something to be achievable he goes and gets it without any questions asked. I hope this episode motivates you to start your own business or to not be scared about being fully committed to whatever you want to do in life because opportunity is everywhere and now is the perfect time.

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