Studying Student Housing with Nidhi Kumra and Shubha Lal, CEO & COO of Your-Space


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Joining us today are Nidhi Kumra and Shubha Lal of Your-Space, one of India's first and largest organised Student Housing companies.
Student housing has historically been an unorganized sector in India, with individual run, small scale providers dominating the market. However, as students return to college campuses in 2022, the demand for Purpose Built Student Accommodation is seeing a resurgence.
Both Shubha and Nidhi have had close to a decade of experience in the corporate world, having worked in consulting and investment banking respectively, at leading firms such as McKinsey and Company and Bank of America Meryll Lynch.
Today they talk to us about the rebounding growth of Student Housing in India, and the growth potential that this sector holds.
Your-Space was founded in 2016, and has soon become one of the largest organised players in the Indian student housing market, with over 7000 operational beds across 9 cities, as of earlier this year. Recently, Your Space has raised $10M as they expand their presence to new markets across India.
So today on Concrete Conversations, let’s educate ourselves about the rise of Student Housing in India.

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