'Homebuyer’s Guide' with Bhavesh Kothari, Founder and CEO, Property First


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Home buying can be a daunting process.

The sheer volume of choices and information available, the documentation and due diligence involved, the financial planning required, altogether can make this process extremely overwhelming for anyone, and even more so for first time homebuyers.

To help you navigate home buying in India, and give you some insights on how to select your dream home, we have with us today a luxury residential consultant, the Founder and CEO of Property First, Bhavesh Kothari.

Bhavesh brings a decade of experience in Residential Real Estate across multiple markets in South India, including Chennai, Coimbatore, Hyderabad, Cochin and most extensively in Bangalore. After working for the Embassy Group to market their luxury projects, Bhavesh went on to found Property First in 2017, and they have since expanded their footprint to many more cities, dealing primarily in luxury residential real estate .

In this Homebuyer’s Guide for Indian Real Estate, Bhavesh sheds light on the right mindset for buying Residential Real Estate both as an end user and as an investor, and walks us through this process, shedding light on topics such as property selection, documentation, finance and more.

So, as always, join us for some Concrete Conversations, and let’s cement the first step to finding you your dream home!
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