More Snapchat Ads, "Hey, Playstation", EARN IT Act


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Computer and Technology News, Valentine’s Day Edition
Bowser sentenced to 40 months for Team Xecuter’s console hacking | Ars Technica
Snapchat will put ads within stories and share the money with creators – The Verge
VR-related claims increased by 31 percent in 2021, says UK insurance firm | Engadget
EARN IT Act gets no changes to encryption language in Senate committee
Sony Tests “Hey, PlayStation” Voice Assistant on PS5 –
74% of ransomware revenue goes to Russia-linked hackers – BBC News
HMRC seizes NFT for first time in £1.4m fraud case – BBC News
Idaho Potato Commission releases limited-edition potato perfume –
Millions will celebrate Valentine’s Day, except in nations where it’s banned or discouraged –
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