Four non-traditional venues in South Florida


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The wedding venue you select will significantly influence the tone of the celebration, the simplicity with which you arrange your wedding, and the delight of the guests on a great day. Choose the incorrect size, and you will encounter problems with planning and implementation.

Exchange vows in a historic monastery or a rose-filled Renaissance garden. Florida's varied wedding locations range from breezy, laid-back private beachside weddings to opulent ballrooms for smaller or spectacular festivities. These one-of-a-kind locations are a vital source of inspiration for the wedding day of wedding ceremony. Choose the ideal setting, and you will have the ceremony of your dreams. Fortunately, you have a variety of wedding venues to choose from. Regrettably, there’s only one of you and so many unique wedding ceremony locations to choose from.
For most, when you think of South Florida, you think of our beautiful beaches or grand ballrooms. If this is not the setting you dream of…no worries! We have many unique locations that may fit your theme. Before you surf the web in quest of that one-of-a-kind wedding reception venues, here are a 4 places to consider.
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