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Hi everyone and welcome to the Communication Strategy That Works podcast. I'm Emma, your host and I am making it my mission to help smaller businesses like you that want to grow, to get the 'comms stuff' right earlier on in your journey, spend your money more wisely, and have much more impact. I'm an in-house expert turned external advisor, and I help business leaders and managers understand how to; find essential customers, engage customers in their products and services, stand out from the competition, and protect their brand reputation. Each week, I am sharing with you free insights from 20 years of experience working with, and in, fast-paced, growing, and established B2B businesses and initiatives. I've been there and got the badge, so I am distilling this knowledge into easy peasy pointers to help you grow your business and brand profile with the right communication strategy 'That Works'. I am going to bust the myths (and I've pretty much heard all of them) break through the jargon, and give you practical, essential and useful advice and tips that you can use. I will save you time, money and energy whether you are listening each week, at work or on the move, or bingeing at the weekend Netflix box-set style.

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