Yangsze Choo‘s ”Ghost Bride” Part 1


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Hello colorful cast of characters! Welcome back to CPBC, that bi-weekly bookclub masquerading as a podcast. This month we’re reading something spooky , a ghost story full of corruption, love and mystery.

So join Ako and Marci as they follow Li Lan on her journey to avoid a terrible marriage and hopefully return to her body in Yangsze Choo’s haunted historical fiction “The Ghost Bride”

Intro/Question: 00:00:06 - 00:14:19

Summary: 00:14:39 - 00:59:17

Discussion: 00:59:31 -1:24:49

Warning there is brief mention of suicide in this novel: 22:40 -23:39 and 45:55 - 46:06

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