Witi Ihimaera‘s ”Whale Rider” Part 2


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What it do? What it do??

Hi friends--whale lovers and allies alike--we're back for another episode of this magical show. This week, we're going to be finishing the beautiful, ancestral, and honestly kind of wild Whale Rider by Witi Ihimaera! So, sit back and enjoy some vegan crab cakes as we discuss our wishes for the world, Koro Apirana's blatant hypocrisy, Kahu's magical vibes, and bull whales being on they bullshit.

Plug for Left Shelf Podcast: 00:00 - 2:25

Intro/Icebreaker Question: 2:29 - 24:23

Plot Summary: 24:40 - 45:58

Discussion: 46:07 - 1:09:05

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