Imogen Poots on Her Journey to Prime Video's 'Outer Range'


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With Outer Range’s eight-episode run on Prime Video now complete, Imogen Poots took the time to join us for an episode of Collider Ladies Night to revisit her journey from her earliest credits to joining the cast of Amazon’s supernatural Western.

Outer Range puts the spotlight on Josh Brolin’s Royal, the head of the Abbott family who’s doing everything he can to keep their ranch up and running. Royal’s already got quite a bit to sort through when the show opens, but things get increasingly complicated when he gives a backpacker (Poots) the OK to camp on his property and then even more so when he discovers an enormous, inexplicable hole on his land.

As always on Collider Ladies Night, we made our way through as much of Poots’ filmography as possible in an effort to pinpoint the steps needed to reach her latest release, Outer Range. Many lessons were learned along the way, but some of the projects that made the biggest impression were the ones that helped her figure out the types of stories she wanted most wanted to tell, projects like Green Room, Need for Speed, and Roadies.

Hear all about that and dig into some very curious Outer Range spoilers with Poots on this edition of Collider Ladies Night!

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