Fear Street's Olivia Scott Welch Discusses Lessons Learned Making the Hit Netflix Trilogy


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Olivia Scott Welch is having quite the year. Not only did she headline the Amazon series Panic, she’s also part of the cast of one of the biggest releases of 2021, Netflix’s Fear Street trilogy. Welch first appears in Fear Street 1994 as Sam, a high school student who finds herself right smack in the middle of the Shadyside curse. Then, in Fear Street 1666, Welch plays Hannah Miller, the local pastor’s daughter who’s accused of witchcraft alongside Sarah Fier (Kiana Madeira).

It’s a phenomenal trilogy that celebrates genre through the years while also delivering a powerful narrative about being labeled an outcast and introducing the world to a downright stellar ensemble of young stars that are bound to continue to deliver big in film and television - Welch included.

With the expectation that Fear Street enthusiasm will remain sky high - yes, I’m one of the ones happy to call the films instant classics - having the two stars on Collider Ladies Night was an absolute must. We shared the conversation with Madeira a couple of weeks back and now it’s time to put Welch in the Ladies Night spotlight.

Hear all about Welch's experience working with Madeira and director Leigh Janiak on Fear Street, her earliest sources of inspiration, how it felt when her Nickelodeon pilot, The Dunes Club, didn’t get picked up and so much more on this edition of Collider Ladies Night!

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