Sex Education 3: Aimee Lou Wood Shares the Vital Advice for Doing Sex Scenes


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Sex Education is a must-watch show and Aimee Lou Wood is a must-follow rising star in it. The Netflix series focuses on a group of students at Moordale Secondary School trying to figure out how to fit in, grow up and find themselves. One of the most beautiful things about the show is that it features a diverse cast and explores a wide variety of very human challenges with humor, heart and pathos.

Wood’s character, Aimee, begins her Sex Education journey by figuring out who her true friends are in Season 1. Wood is a scene stealer in the role right out the gate, but the work she delivers the following season is on another level. In Season 2, Aimee is sexually assaulted and the way the show explores how one might process such an experience is incredibly layered and powerful. Rather than keep the storyline confined to an episode or two, Sex Education recognizes the fact that such trauma isn’t something one can quickly leave behind. In Season 3, Aimee is still working to understand the incident and its effects on her with Wood continuing to bring that story to life on screen with such sincerity and nuance.

Check out this edition of Collider Ladies Night to hear all about Wood's experience studying at RADA, how she scored the role of Aimee on Sex Education, lessons learned from the show's intimacy coordinators, what it was like winning a BAFTA, where she thinks Aimee's head is at at the end of Sex Education Season 3, and so much more!

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